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Gossip Girl the Environmentally Friendly Show

A picspam community showing Gossip Girl's many parallels. Feel free to make your

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A picspam community showing Gossip Girl's many parallels. Feel free to make your own!

Check here if your idea has been posted. (Click on View Subjects)

Send in entries depicting parallel scenes in Gossip Girl (example: S & B packing for the summer).

As of 16 July 2010, we're allowing Gossip Girl Parallels with other shows/movies/etc. but only on Fridays.


We use the picspam term loosely, meaning you don't have to Photoshop the hell out of the images. Your post can be one big image or a series of separate images, add dialogue or personal commentary or none at all. We just want to see the parallels!

Entry format.

Please keep your images to a maximum width of 600px. If you have a looooong picspam, please put it under an LJ cut.

Tag your post accordingly, including your username with the format ~[username] (e.g. ~gg_parallels). You can view the whole list of tags here if it's confusing. (Tag FAQ here)

Don't forget to add titles to your posts.


Don't hotlink from sources you're not allowed to (e.g. TinyPic & Fanpop are okay; Other people's Photobucket and ImageShack accounts are not). A list of screencap sources are listed on the sidebar.

Other people's picspams.

If you find a picspam that fits the theme here, ASK THE MAKER FIRST if he/she can post it to the community.

Second, ask if YOU can link to it and repost the intro image for him/her. If he/she doesn't respond, link to the entry only. If he/she says yes to the second question, use the intro image only and then link to the whole picspam. DO NOT post the whole picspam. Again, DO NOT HOTLINK.


We will be cross-posting these to Tumblr, so you should be willing to share your posts outside of LiveJournal. If you aren't, add the tag !tumblr. Or make your entry private. Or add watermarks. Or just post a link and publish it on your own journal, where your rules apply. :)

More Tumblr notes: a) Only one image gets imported to Tumblr so if you care about that, you may want to keep your picspam in one image. b) If you have a Tumblr account, send us a message mentioning the link and we'll reblog it there.

The reason we made this community in the first place is so that it's not only us maintainers that get to play this game. We'd love to see what you come up with (and if you can beat twistedright at it!)

Other Reminders.

Check our !announcements tag for important stuff to remember.


Thank you Tanya for starting this lovely thread on GGA. <3

If you need inspiration for full-blown picspams, check these out:

Gossip Girl S1 versus S2

Breakfast at Bendel's Starring Blair Waldorf

Hey look we match! (a Chuck & Blair lesson in color coordination)

twistedright's Picspams


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